LittleSmartThings is located in DSC01935Denmark on the small rocky island of Bornholm. It is in every sense a garage start-up. We make things that we find useful, and if we like it, you get the chance to try it out as well. By Spring 2014, we are 13 people at Little Smart Things.

It started as a spinoff while working to improve multirotor-helicopters for areal photography. We missed options to configure the way UAV’s take pictures and video, and suddenly a world of new ideas and opportunities appeared to us. Specialized UAV development began and our staff grew bigger. All assembly and manufacturing takes place at a desk right here on Bornholm, Denmark.

Untitled-1Design discussions on some early fixed wing tests. mid 2013. From right: Dylan, Steffen, Lisbeth, Kim and Jonas.

We pretty much started out in the beginning of 2013 with a ton of ideas, that became tests, and finally we settled on two major development tracks. Our fixed-wing aircraft for technical work, and our multirotor for video and small scale mapping. Read more

Esben Nielsen (CEO) and a mikrokopter hexa in action. 2012.