Little Smart Things is located in Denmark on the small rocky island of Bornholm.
Ultimo 2014 our first two aircrafts takeoff; Cumulus One, a fixed wing drone and Nimbo One, a multi-rotor UAV. We are currently 15 people working at Little Smart Things.

It started as a spinoff while working to improve multirotor-helicopters for areal photography. We missed options to configure the way UAV’s take pictures and video, and suddenly a world of new ideas and opportunities appeared to us. Specialized UAV development began and our staff grew bigger. All assembly and manufacturing takes place at a desk right here on Bornholm, Denmark.

Untitled-1Design discussions on some early fixed wing tests. mid 2013. From right: Dylan, Steffen, Lisbeth, Kim and Jonas.

We pretty much started out in the beginning of 2013 with a ton of ideas, that became tests, and finally we settled on two major development tracks. Our fixed-wing aircraft for technical work, and our multirotor for video and small scale mapping. Read more

Esben Nielsen (CEO) and a mikrokopter hexa in action. 2012.