What do clouds and drones from Little Smart Things have in common?

Cumulus One in the air

The answer is simple: They both look beautiful in the sky :)

At Little Smart Things, we have been trying to find something original and good to name our drones. It had to be less technical than FW1 and MR1.

It turned out, we only had to gaze at the sky to find what we were looking for.

Our fixed wing drone formerly known as FW1 is now called Cumulus One. Our multi-roter MR1; Nimbo One.

Hopefully you’ll like the names as much as we do.

    So Ein Ding


    The popular TV program So Ein Ding will air a new season later this year on DR – Danish National TV. They will do a special episode on drones and Little Smart Things.
    Filming of the program starts next week at Little Smart Things.