The Stratosnapper1, is now replaced by the Stratosnapper2. These pages are for reference only.

Ever wondered how everything looked from above? The StratoSnapper will let you take control of your on-board camera. It’s highly configurable via software, it takes a standard servo input and triggers your camera via the infrared receiver.

It comes with a software utility that will allow you to customize everything from video recording, still photo triggering, time-lapse photography, zoom and more. Basically, if your camera supports a command via infrared remote control, so does the StratoSnapper.

Check out this video of the StratoSnapper in action:

    5 thoughts on “StratoSnapper1

    1. Hello

      Since I purchased a StratoSnapper form you some months ago not had the chance to test and use it. I am now trying to connect it to my PC via the USB connection and am having some problems.

      I’ve downloaded the StratoSnapper software and drivers as indicated on your web pages, but when I plug the StratoSnapper into my laptop USB port, no new device is recognised by Windows (I’m using Win7 64-bit). I thus get no opportunity to load the drivers.

      I notice that the green LED light on the StratoSnapper stays on so assume that the unit is powered OK.

      Can you please advise on how I may proceed as I really need to get this working as soon as possible.


    2. Mine does the same thing. My pc make the noise it’s seeing it when I plug it in but nothing else. Also, software does not open.
      windows 8 64bit

    3. My did the same. Then I downloaded the 32 bit version even though I have a 64 bit PC and it works perfect. Try the 32 bit software.

    4. What type of connector is that you’re using to connect the wire trigger to the board?

    5. I have an older Version V10 Stratosnapper . I have never used it before . How do I download the updated firmware for this unit . Will it work on your latest software

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